What we do

Custom website

Custom Websites

We aim to produce websites that suit what you, the client, has in mind. By thoroughly going over your wants and needs before starting any designing, we save you and ourselves time so there’s less back and forth work.

We check if you like each stage of the design, so you have control and will get to see your website grow from an idea to the finished product.

We don’t expect you to come up with everything, we are more than happy to suggest ideas that would suit your needs.

E-commerce website


An e-Commerce website is a great way to launch your business to the next level and we are here to help you make this exciting step. We specialise in e-commerce websites so we have the capabilities and knowledge to get your brand out in the world and selling.

By moving your business into the online world, you are allowing more customers to find your product, may it be nationally or internationally we know what it takes to get your brand out there.

Vulnerability Test

Vulnerability Test

Worried about the security of your website? We’ve got it covered!

We have the expertise to assess your website for any vulnerabilities. Whether we are building you a new website or you already have one, we can analyse your website and provide a detailed report of our findings and possible remediation.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization is important for the success of any website, but particularly for e-commerce sites because without traffic you won’t be making sales. We make sure we are doing everything we can to get you up the list of websites on search engines so old and new customers can find you easily.


Marketplace Specialists

The difference between a marketplace website and an e-commerce website is that the marketplace has a lot of different vendors selling their products rather than just one company selling their brand.

We are here to help you get your products into marketplaces. Whether you need help with structuring, product presentation or just all round help with getting started, we have the knowledge to get your products selling.

Being marketplace specialists, we understand how this kind of business works and can help you get your business running.

UX Expert

UX Design Expert

We understand that without customers there would be no business, so user experience is crucial for a website to go well and fulfil its needs. We make sure that the websites we create are easy to use and navigate, are accessible especially so customers who are impaired can access your website as well, and that when interacting with the website it’s an enjoyable experience.

To ensure that user experience is high we are constantly finding new and exciting ways to improve how the website runs and how we design them, so you never get the same old website that everyone else has.

Marketing Expert

Marketing Expert

Marketing is important for any business, start-up or long running, it’s needed to get your brand out there to find new customers and to keep existing customers interested. We have a standing in many online social outlets, including Facebook and Twitter. By using these outlets for marketing, you are taking advantage of a free service that is a major part of societies everyday life, your brand will be seen by more people and you’ll save money at the same time.

Let us help get your brand out there, with our social media pages and experience you’ll be getting new customers in no time.

Graphic Designer

Graphic/Logo Design/Brand Design

We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to your design needs.

Working with a company that can handle all your designs is a great benefit, you get everything in one package and a consistent design style across the whole project. We are devoted to creating unique designs that entice customers and please clients.

We can design new logos and even organise some merchandise if needed.